Being a pioneer in its sector, our company has been established in Ankara in 1965.

Starting from its establishment, it has been making progress in the path of becoming a leading company on the world’s market by internalizing the principle of product variety and quality.

At the facility of our factory, the oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, water filters, air conditioning and ventilation filters, marine and aircraft fuel and fuel transfer filters, industrial – type oil, fuel and air filters and separators elements have been produced under SCTURBO FILTER brand. Each one of the products are produced are being produced in mass production and precisely at individual lines. There is a special space for the filters used in the industrial group and airway vehicles.

In addition to the perfection of the products it produces, our company operating being customer – oriented has been offering better service to its customers with a special packing system and fast dispatch with its domestic and abroad sales.

Paper and metal parts used in the products started being manufactured firstly examined by our R&D department and tested and then controlled by our competent employees.

Because no machine possesses the properties of human eye and hand…


  • To offer most reliable, most innovative and most optimal product, service and solutions in the automotive sector,
  • To fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, environment, legislation and universal values,
  • To improve the satisfaction and moral values of our employees,
  • To respect the time and interests of our customers,
  • By furnishing a high – standard and quality service, to upgrade customer satisfaction to the top level,
  • To ensure the effectiveness and continuity of our Integrated Management System we have established,
  • To determine the risks of Worker Health and Work Security, designate and effectively implement the measures to be taken with a sense of “Zero Work Accident”,
  • To analyze the environmental dimensions and impacts, designate and effectively implement the measures to be taken with a sense of “Sustainable Environment = Sustainable Life”,
  • To continuously and distinctly enhance the value we add to our employees, society and environment.

  • To become an undisputable leader in the filter industry,
  • To meet the expectations of our customers, to catch up with and maintain the world standards in the filter production,
  • To ensure unconditional satisfaction of our customers, motivation and bliss of our employees,
  • To respond the needs and expectations of our customers with a higher quality service than what they expected,
  • To strictly comply with the laws and legal arrangements and not to make concessions hereto,
  • Demonstrate maximum effort to be beneficial to the natural environment and humanity,
  • To be respectful, sincere, open and honest in all of our relationships.